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Ivanchuk? Grisсhuk? Or, maybe, a dark horse?
Thursday, 08 December 2011
ivanchukmain.jpgEvery sportsman dream of winnings and here in China we will enjoy battles in 3 disciplines– rapid, blitz and blindfold. But who are the favorites of the SportAccord World Mind Games? Realistically, it’s not reasonable to evaluate the chances of players for winning any kind of chess events. Nevertheless, experience shows us, that the strongest are the strongest at any time control.
The winners in China probably will be those with nerves of steel, this is the simple fact. Time management will be extremely important – that’s another obvious fact too.  Therefore, it makes sense to remember those who are known not only to be strong players but also can play quickly and accurately in extreme time conditions.
Yes, of course, we speak mainly about Alexander Grischuk who seems to relish time trouble, but not only about him. A lot of well-known fighters participate in  the SportAccord World Mind Games.  grishukmain.jpg
Former FIDE World Champion Ruslan Ponomariov,  , once said that the recipe for his wins is simple - it is just necessary to play fast and strong. More than enough for Beijing, Ruslan!
Obviously we must mention, Vassiliy Ivanchuk – always strong and unpredictable and showing great form this year enters the vent as number one seed.  2 compatriots  from Azerbaijan– Vugar Gashimov and Shakhriyar Mamedyarov – we could safely bet a small amount of money, that they will be fighting for top places in each of the three events .
Russia is also hoping that young talent Sergey Karjaki, who is fluctuating in the top six players in the world will bring home some of the medals but these formats may not be his forte.
Even the last-seeded – Peter Haine Nielsen is known as a brilliant and great-talented chess player. Don’t forget about Gata Kamsky, former World Championship Candidate and also former world Blitz Champion Lenier Dominguez from Cuba.
Virtually and realistically all the other players can be  extremely  dangerous and have chances to win any of the events, in a good form.
Ending the description, we want to mention the home contingent is ably represented by top players  Wang Hao and Wang Yue.
Really, the man competition will be really unpredictable!
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